Nikon D500

Strong points

This camera isn’t new to the market, but it is possibly the best APS-C DSLR currently available.

It has great handling with it’s easily accessible controls and a solid built of the camera body.

Another good point goes to the fps rate of the camera which is very good and gives you the ability to capture all kinds of photos in many different situations.

Weak points

Though NIKON D500 is probably priced according to it’s wide variety of features and purposes, it isn’t cheap.

Also, the screen of the camera doesn’t fully articulate which might be a bad point to some people.

Conclusion and purpose

NIKON D500 is good at many different things – it can shoot everything from landscapes, events and portraits to wildlife, sports and action.

This camera has everything you need as an enthusiast photographer, but professionals might consider it as well, especially as a backup camera.


Sensor: 20.9MP APS-C CMOS

Video: 4K

Frame Rate: 10fps

Battery Life: 1240 shots

Mount: F

Memory Card/s: 1xXQD, 1xSD


When it comes to pricing, there are some good offers on the market, and this would be one of them – (Amazon)

If this offer does not suit you, please search the link above as there are many other offers available.